Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions are 60 minutes long. Please allow 70 minutes so we can be spacious and unhurried, and extend a few minutes past the hour, if needed. There will not be another appointment directly before or after yours.
The cost is $85 per session. Discounted price for Health Care Card holders: $75 per session.
No. These are private sessions outside the Medicare system.
I have a private session room in Castlemaine in Central Victoria. I will let you know the address once I have spoken with you via phone and we have made a booking.
My preference is for in-person sessions. The reason is that stepping out of your own environment and into a specially prepared physical space can be a powerful catalyst for a shift to take place. I will give attention and care to preparing the room. I hope to provide a private, welcoming, uplifting and unhurried environment that you can step into and feel comfortable and relaxed. However, if being present in person is not possible, we can use an online meeting platform such as ZOOM.

You may choose to come for a single session, or for a series. If you are interested in a series we can plan for that. For example, you may wish to explore the seven-phase cycle of ‘Soulful Melancholy’ outlined in my book, The Uses of Sadness. We can do that over three or more sessions. This cycle outlines a way of bringing your own careful attention to the subtle shifts and phases of a challenging time, with the aim of moving through this time, and perhaps even transmuting it, rather than getting stuck in it.

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