About Karen Bedford

Karen has a Master of Arts degree in linguistics and literature, a Diploma of Teaching and a Diploma of Counselling Psychology. She has facilitated groups, workshops and therapeutic conversations for a wide variety of organisations and individuals.

Karen began working as a writer and editor in Sydney in 1982 and since that time has been on many work-related adventures, encountering inspirational mentors, artists and creatives along the way. These adventures include teaching tertiary courses in professional writing and editing, and collaborating with others to write, edit and publish over 30 books, picture books, card sets and other therapeutic resources for counsellors, psychologists, social workers, team-builders, life coaches and teachers.

Karen’s book, The Uses of Sadness, was published by Allen and Unwin in 2009. Since that time, she has offered numerous workshops on this material and other topics

related to mental health and wellbeing such as journalling, literary therapy, self-care and techniques for navigating emotions, body signals, anxiety and depression.  

Karen is a meditation teacher who cherishes a longstanding practice and study of meditation, contemplation, prayer and related practices and texts. She has a particular interest in facilitating coaching conversations that respect each person’s innate wisdom and create spaces for reflection and meaning-making.

Karen has three adult children, plus their beloved partners and one grandchild. She is more than likely out walking in the bush with Teddy, one very happy and probably very muddy Springer Spaniel.



Author or co-author:
The Uses of Sadness (Allen & Unwin 2009)
The Nature of Strengths (Innovative Resources 2016)
No Room for Family Violence (Innovative Resources 2017)
Rainbow Talk (Innovative Resources 2018)
Body Signals (Innovative Resources 2018)
Self-Care for Home and Work (Innovative Resources 2019)
Strength Cards Unlimited (Innovative Resources 2022)                                                                                               Navigating Depression (Innovative Resources 2023)

Editor: there is a big list, some include:
Signposts (Innovative Resources 2006)
Choosing Strengths (Innovative Resources 2007)
The Strengths Approach book (Innovative Resources 2006, 2018)
Angels—the strengths of everyday kindness (Innovative Resources 2006, 2016)
Anxiety Solutions (Innovative Resources 2018)
Anxiety Solutions for Kids (Innovative Resources 2017)
Shame Cards (Innovative Resources 2022)
Eating Disorders Cards (Innovative Resources 2018)

Plus many articles, blogs, workshops and conference presentations.    

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