Are you looking for a deep and enriching exploration of something you are experiencing?

The central understanding underpinning these one-on-one coaching conversations is that no matter what is happening in your life there is always a doorway of grace … and you have the capacity to find it. When you are looking for fresh understanding or change, it can be very helpful to step into a reflective and powerful conversational space with a skilled facilitator. Using a variety of tools and techniques we will delve deeply into what life is bringing you and invite insights and next steps forward.

When it's over, I want to say all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.
- Mary Oliver, American poet

Everyone’s Life is Amazing

Everyone’s life is amazing — whether played out on a grand stage or within a private arena. Living life, any life, is no small endeavour. It takes tremendous courage, energy and skill to navigate the ups and downs, extract the meaning, and hopefully, gather a little wisdom along the way.

It takes generosity of spirit to face what comes our way—to meet the moment so to speak—to uncover the learning within it, and when the time is right, to move on. This Amazing Life Coaching Conversations are interactive, reflective sessions for:

  • meeting the moment—looking at what is happening for you, exploring it from a variety of angles, taking stock of its context, impact, significance and meaning.
  • moving on—gathering momentum and finding ways forward, aligning with values and intentions, articulating purpose and next steps.

Of course, ‘moving on’ does not necessarily mean a change in outer circumstances. It refers to a shift, an opening, a movement within—for the flow of life is continuous and there will always be the next invitation that your amazing life is offering you.

And … sometimes we feel stuck. We don’t quite know how to meet the moment or what the invitation is. We may be aware that we are in a liminal time of transition, we know a shift needs to happen, but we are not quite there yet. It may seem like too much to pick ourselves up, and set off once more. And set off where?

It can be very useful and supportive to have a skilled facilitator accompany you as you navigate times of uncertainty, challenge or change. Often at these times you may know that your old habits and ways of doing things are no longer serving, but new ones have yet to emerge.

While these times of transition can be daunting, overwhelming even, they are also powerful spaces full of potential, given the right environment to explore them and coax the shift into being.

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