About Our Sessions

Are you looking for a deep and enriching exploration of something you are experiencing? Would you like to open up insights, possibilities and ways forward but are not looking for formal counselling or mental health services at this time?

If so, it can be very helpful to step into a reflective and powerful conversational space with an experienced and skilled facilitator.

This Amazing Life Coaching Conversations will draw on:

  • counselling skills including solution-oriented and strengths-based approaches, along with tools and techniques drawn from other modalities
  • skills and techniques for navigating anxiety, body signals and emotions
  • journalling, poetry, metaphors, words, quotes, lists and other adventures with writing and language
  • visual images and symbols
  • the power of questions, invocations, affirmations, prayer, breath, meditation and guided reflection.
  • ways to clarify and articulate values, purpose, intentions, and next steps
  • self-care resources and strategies.

Are these sessions the right fit for you? They may well be if:

  • you are not be looking for psychological or mental health services at this time, but you do want to explore what you are experiencing alongside someone with counselling qualifications and a wide range of therapeutic tools and techniques to call on.
  • you do not want instructions, pat solutions or labels, but you do want someone with training, coaching and facilitation experience to help uncover fresh perspectives and practical things to try.
  • you do not want dogma but you are interested in working alongside a practitioner with over 40 years of meditation practice and study, who is also a trained meditation teacher and author of soulful resources aimed at building wellbeing and inner connection.
  • you are interested in engaging with someone who has extensive experience in journalling and writing (and coaching writers); editing and publishing resources for exploring meaning, values, purpose, intentions, and ways forward.

In these one-on-one coaching conversations, I hope to join you in exploring aspects of your amazing life that are calling for your attention. There is power in this kind of attentiveness—it invites clarity, purpose and next steps to emerge.

Whether you choose to come for one or multiple sessions, I will be alongside you as a facilitator and companion of your exploration, but you’ll be the architect of your shifts and moves.

The Uses of Sadness

This Amazing Life coaching sessions will be informed by, and sometimes loosely structured around, a seven-phase cycle from the book The Uses of Sadness, written by Karen Bedford (formerly Masman).

Published by Allen and Unwin in Sydney in 2009 (available for purchase directly from Karen or from the publishers website, this book explores key characteristics and opportunities inherent within a time of sadness. How is sadness different from depression? Why do we experience it? What is it for? What are the various flavours and even gifts of it along the way? And how can we become more skilled at moving through difficult times?

This seven-phase ‘Cycle of Soulful Sadness’ can be used as a tool to support you in travelling with awareness through any challenging time.

During This Amazing Life coaching conversations, we’ll hold this map or structure lightly. Unless you specifically want to explore this cycle, the sessions will not be rigidly based around it because we want to be free to follow the directions and themes that emerge as useful and powerful for you. 

However, if you are interested in learning more about the seven-phase cycle of soulful sadness, or would like to explore this cycle in greater depth in your session(s) with us, please scroll down to see the graphic below, and contact us. 

Cycle of Soulful Sadness
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